Songwriters_Beat_ASCAP_Songwriting-Workshop-July-2016THE POWER OF SONG DYNAMICS
Crafting Unforgettable Melody-Lyric Marriages

Presented by the ASCAP Foundation & Valerie Ghent’s Songwriters’ Beat
A Breakthrough Song Workshop led by Alex Forbes

Join us for this fun fast-paced event on Saturday, July 30th, Noon to 5pm in Manhattan.

Bring a new Verse-Chorus Song-in-Progress for critique.

• Are all your song’s elements working together to deliver “the goods”?
• Do you effectively “suck ’em in, build ’em up and pay ’em off”?
• Want to escape your “comfort zone” and take bigger, bolder risks?

• Passion and Power: A Breakthrough Song’s Most Essential Ingredients
• First Lines: Grab the Ear and Create Tension with Fresh Melody-Lyric Combinations
• Crafting a Pre-Chorus (or Not): Methods To Heighten Listeners’……. Anticipation
• Cool Contrasts: Melodic Shapes, Rhyme and Meter, Vocal Range, & Other Tricks
• The Ultimate Payoff: Ways To Unleash Primal Passions in Your Chorus
• Hooks Supreme, Hooks Galore: Massive, Memorable & More More More
• What Next?!: How To Keep Your Listeners From Clicking Away After Chorus 1
• Why Build a Bridge? How to Make the Most of this Golden Opportunity
• Chorus-Out: Pump Up Your Parting Shot and Make It Unforgettable

This workshop is First Come, First Served.
FREE for ASCAP members, $100 for others.

This workshop is now full!
  It filled so quickly we may offer The Power of Song Dynamics again later this year.
Watch this page & our Facebook Page for the next announcement!

With numerous Billboard-charting singles, over 120 releases, and gold and platinum albums to her name, Alex Forbes exudes a passion for both songwriting and nurturing the next generation of talent. She has led workshops and courses for NYU Steinhardt, The ASCAP Foundation, Gotham Writers’ Workshop, and many other songwriting organizations. Alex is the author of Write Songs Right Now, and she offers professional critiques and free resources for committed songwriters at her website,


This workshop made possible by support from The ASCAP Foundation.

Thank you ASCAP!